Belt Conveyors

Flomech Belt Conveyor

Ideal for gentle and self-cleaning conveying in buildings where flexibility and cleanliness are required.

The V-shaped rubber belt ensures a very gentle conveying of both grain, rape and seed, as the crop does not touch the belt box. The conveying capacities range from 25 to 80 t/h.

Chain Conveyors

Grain Handling Chain Conveyors

Kongskilde KCA chain conveyors meet the demand for a conveyor able to convey grain and granular materials both horizontally and with an inclination to give a vertical lift.

The KCA can be delivered with 30 or 45 degree angle sections for installation in grain intake pits. Max. inclination allowed for the KCA conveyor in any configuration is 45 degrees.

Type KCA is produced in heavy-duty galvanized execution. Kongskilde chain conveyors are designed in a modular construction, making them easy to assemble and install. 

Bucket Elevators

Grain Handling

Kongskilde KBE bucket elevators are ideal for vertical conveying of grain and granular materials. Type KBE is made in galvanized heavy duty execution.

Chain Elevators

Grain Handling Chain Elevator

Kongskilde’s CFG chain elevators are suitable for vertical and horizontal grain transport. The capacity goes up to 40 t/h. The CFG chain elevator is manufactured from galvanized plate, thus being suitable for outdoor installation.

Grain Augers

Grain Handling Grain Auger

The DGA/DGS grain augers are widely used – both by farmers and by grain and feed merchants but also by the industry for the conveying of grain and other granular materials. The augers will work at all angles from horizontal to vertical.

Grain Auger Troughs

Grain Handling Grain Auger Trough

The DTA trough augers are used for horizontal conveying of grain and other granular materials, e.g. either above or below a line of silos.

The augers can be installed with small inclinations to suit a number of different applications. The augers are supplied with intermediate bearings allowing the operator to run the auger without material.
Additional outlets and shutters can be supplied.