Suction Units

Many conveying jobs in the plastic processing industry can be solved efficiently by using pneumatic conveying systems.

By combining the Multievacuator vacuum unit with Kongkilde’s OK160 pipe system, efficient conveying systems can be tailor-made to meet most conveying demands from process to process or, to and from a storage facility.

Depending on distance and material, conveying systems with capacities up to 7,000 kgs/hr (250 lbs/min) can be achieved. The Multievacuator unit is an integrated solution based on a high-pressure centrifugal blower with a cyclone-like separation unit, in such a way that the conveyed material does not pass through the fast-rotating blower rotor.

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Multi Suction Head

The Kongskilde Multi Suction Head offers a flexible solution for efficient trim extraction in the paper and plastic converting industries.

The Multi Suction Head ensures easy adjustment of the pick up points where suction of waste trims directly from the production machine is required.

The Multi Suction head is available in both OK 100 and OK 160 piping and is easily installed within an existing Kongskilde waste handling system.

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