Injector TF

The three different types of Injector TF20, TF40, and TF55 are used as feeder unit for the Kongskilde blowers TRL20, TRL40, TRL55 and TRL 75 (50 Hz models) and TRL30, TRL50 and TRL100 (60 Hz models).

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Rotary Valve

Kongskilde Rotary Valves, type RF, are suitable for feeding of granulates, (granules, pellets, flakes, small moulded products etc.) either into a pressurised pneumatic conveying line or as a metering feed to a subsequent process.

The valves’ design ensures minimal pressure losses when introducing products into a pressurised conveying line.

The design of the RF version allows it to handle flake materiel such as might come from grinders.

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