Inline Venturi System FVO

The kongskilde Inline Venturi system is very suitable for the conveying of continuous edge trim and of cuts. The improved suction allows the material to be conveying overconsiderable distances without coming into contact with any moving parts. This ensures high system and reliability.

The Kongskilde Inline Venturi system is also a valuable solution for the conveying of “odd shape” components, rejects, tops and tails. A Kongskilde Venturi solution means a low installation costs, flexible system layout and low maintenace costs.

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Inline Venturi System ITF

The Inline Venturi system utilises standard Kongskilde modular pneumatic conveying components to transfer process waste (edge trims) and light materials. The system is characterised by its ability to convey the product through a duct without the product coming into contact with any moving parts.

The ITF Inline Venturi system is suitable for conveying continuous edge trim and paper off cuts, aluminium and plastic from production systems with low to medium production speed.

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